The Key to Success

Just Show Up!

The key to success: Show up and don’t give up. This is it. It is that simple, don’t complicate it by thinking too much!

I have been a runner for almost 10 years. I have challenged myself many times along the way, and at times I have just complacently run along at a pace and distance that were comfortable for me.

I just recently ran my second marathon, I felt better prepared for it than my first because I had one experience under my belt. Although I had read the elevation map this time the hills still took me by surprise. I had read about how flat and fast a course this was, however neglected to remember it was still going to be over 26 miles of running! Of course I knew it intellectually, but I forgot how that feels in the moment.

The First Battle Is Your Mind

 I had a lot of time to think over the seemingly endless miles. There were many times where I was tired or sore and I thought about how much easier it would be if I just stopped. I began to try to figure out how would I get back to the start line to get in my car. Then almost immediately I dismissed the crazy idea; I started a marathon, I would finish it. What helped me through this was that I began to realize how far I had already run and how little was in front of me. I remembered the stories about how many people quit when they are right about to get to where they envisioned. At that point, there was no decision to make but to see it through.

Nope, I don't think so!

I started to see how much my life was like this marathon. I know it’s cliché, “Life is like a marathon” but it’s cliché for a reason. I have been going through my life and career as a 5k runner, occasionally throwing in a 10k. All these races were fine and even a little challenging as I sought to better myself through time and distance, but was I all that I could and wanted to be? Was there something more?

Becoming a Marathoner

Recently I left the corporate world (my 5k & 10k world) and became an entrepreneur (a marathoner). I get up before the sun to line up with many other great people seeking the feeling of self-powered accomplishment. We tackle hills together, some walk, some power up, and some just keep their pace slowly cresting the top. There is almost always a point along the course, or as an entrepreneur, where you question why you are doing this, is it worth it? There is most often a little pain along the way, but we keep moving forward, either slowing our pace or walking if need be. We each face our own challenges along the course, those known and unknown. We have to remind ourselves from time to time how far we’ve come so we don’t give up. The key to those of us that succeed is we just don’t stop, we keep moving forward because for us, there really is no choice but to see it through.

The Success Medal

I believe if we each live our lives as marathoners on our own course, regardless of the distance chosen, we will almost undoubtedly receive our medals. We prepare the best we can, read the maps and signs before we embark while understanding there will likely be unforeseen challenges and obstacles along the way. We power through, slow or walk if we need to but we keep moving forward. Some will get to stand on the podium, but we each receive our medal for our efforts and persistence.

In life success is our medal, some may have a faster pace than others, everyone has their own form and style, but if we just show up to the starting line and don’t give up, we can earn our medal. Where are you on your own course?

Just don't give up!IMG_4192


13 Life Lessons Discovered While Hiking Mountains

Camelback Mountain on the way to the summit

Camelback Mountain on the way to the summit

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking in a variety of locations lately.  I noticed how similar it is navigating a mountain and navigating life.  Here are a few of my observations:

  1. Keep your eyes on the path since there are often things that could trip you up along the way.
  2. Take a moment every so often to stop and look at the views along the way – it’s not only the summit that is worth noticing, there are many views to be enjoyed along the journey.Desert Flowers
  3. Watch your footing – you never know if the ground you’re putting your foot on is stable until you test it a little.challenging footing
  4. The views at the summit are almost always worth far more than the work put in to get there.

    Castle Rock Summit - spectacular view of Lake Tahoe

    Castle Rock Summit – spectacular view of Lake Tahoe

  5. Many will admire the mountains, but not everyone will attempt to put the work in to reach the summit.
  6. Sometimes the terrain is not what you expected.
  7. Prepare for the unexpected – sometimes bad weather moves in fast.

    Storm on the horizon

    Storm on the horizon

  8. If you get caught in a storm take the time to analyze the situation with as much information as you have at the time and make a swift decision, then act!
  9. Take in the entire experience all the way through from the base to summit and back to the base.
  10. It’s more fun to hike with someone than going it alone.
  11. Look for signs along the way that assure you that you are on your desired route.Signs & Maps
  12. If you make a wrong turn, acknowledge it as soon as possible and backtrack as much as you need to until you can figure the best direction.
  13. Pick a focus and relentlessly pursue it until you reach it.Mountains to Climb!

Sometimes you learn a lot about the road you are on by taking one that is unfamiliar.  I find a great deal of wisdom is gained by placing myself outside my routine surroundings.  Sometimes the obvious is seen more easily by simply changing the scenery.

Along the route to Inspiration Point on McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Along the route to Inspiration Point on McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Launching Point

The fall is often a time of new beginnings, and I am using it as a launching point for my newest venture. Please join me as I begin a journey that has taken both a lifetime to create and years to uncover and become what I believe is my calling.

Thrive Life is the name of my new company through which I help people discover how to live healthier, happier and more abundant lives through awareness, education and mentoring.

This is a multifaceted business through which I intend to offer the following:

• Entrepreneurial and business content is shared on Back to Business Mondays through all sites, including LinkedIn. I have compiled a host of business and financial resources and articles from renowned experts and soon I plan to have guest columns on various financial subjects.

• Nutritional Supplement products that I believe are the best on the market I share through my site together with articles and recommendations backed by science, medical personnel and client testimonials.

• Wisdom for Wednesdays is when I will share articles, quotes and book recommendations from some of the top leaders in personal development, goal setting and living your best life at this moment in time.

• Fitness articles and recommendations are compiled and shared on Thursdays through Twitter @ThriveLife and my company facebook page with the expertise of Jillian Michaels, Raphael Calzadilla, American Council on Exercise and more. is a site that can save you money on the items you buy at the stores you already shop (from Walmart to Home Depot to Nordstrom and even Groupon & NetFlix). There are 3,000 brand name stores that offer cash back to their consumers simply by shopping through my site – you can earn 2-50% of the cash you spend, not in credits, or points, but in Cash! Weekly deals will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

• Beauty and skin care is an additional offering through my site This is a value priced, top-shelf cosmetic and skin care line. As I bring on additional specialists in this field, you can expect to see advice and tips for everyday people in everyday life – not the red carpet.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, both to get to this launching point and as I move forward. Please enjoy the content, deals and products and contact me with any questions, issues or ideas. If there is any part of this business sparks your interest, or is in your field, please contact me and let’s talk about opportunities for guest posts or entrepreneurial development.

I hope to see you in my cyber world

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