Focus on what – not how

I have just made a move across country to take a job at a pretty awesome company. Many people when they meet me, they ask, “What brought you out here?” I figure enough people ask, and enough people are unhappy where they are, maybe it was time to make this a more public story.

Growing up on the east coast I always wanted to know what it was like to live on the west coast (and the girl with straight hair always wants curly!). When I was 19 I was planning to move out to California and pursue education in the music business. This plan ended up getting postponed, looking back it was likely a lifesaver, but the dream and desire never left, just got put on the back burner.

A couple of years ago, I realized my current job was likely not a long-term fit for me based on many factors. One night I just sat down and since I knew I needed to continue a 9-5 as I build Thrive Life, my life coaching business, I brainstormed. I thought about what were the elements of a company that I would want to work for? What would the culture be? Where would it be located? What was my “pie-in-the-sky” goal company? If I could work for anyone, who would want to work for?

I came up with two companies that I thought had models that I wanted to emulate in my own business. I remembered advice I had heard a long time ago saying that the best way to understand how a company works is to work for them. So I sent out my resume to Apple Inc. and Virgin Companies.

The two companies have so many traits in the way the run their business and very importantly, how they treat their employees and customers that resonate with me. I didn’t know if either company would have openings that fit my qualifications, or that they would be interested in relocating me as both companies were out of my area, but that didn’t matter. I didn’t worry about the how, just the who.

The trick is not to know how it will work out, but to get started and allow the hard part to be worked out by the Universe. I call this a trick, because I think this is the part most people are tripped up by. Most people get caught up in the details of how it can happen and sometimes that is enough to stop them from throwing it out to the Universe at all.

Do note, the timetable for this major change was not over night. It probably took a little over two years between the time I decided and the time I finally got an interview with one of my dream companies and subsequently landed the job. I did put into place items immediately that would move me in the direction I wished to be. I sent my resume out, I joined each of their job websites, I stopped by their sites regularly to see if something new had opened up and maybe something I had not originally considered.

This month, as we move into Spring and the season of new beginnings, I encourage you to review an area of your life that might not be the best fit for you and brainstorm your ideal solution without worrying about if it’s a feasible solution or how to accomplish it, just what would you want it to look like. Then move toward that vision as you can in small steps, and leave the details out of your concern.

I’d love to hear from you to hear what you decide to move towards – leave a comment below if you are willing to share.
Set course on a new day