Spending a Little Time in Bliss


I’m going to ask you to consider adding something to your daily visualization exercises. When you think about reaching for your goals, think about the feelings and intangibles when you achieve those goals.

I am not going to tell you today to stop goal setting – any of you who know me know that I thrive on goals and measuring progress. I am going to ask you to spend a little time this year thinking about and feeling the swell that rises in your chest when you accomplish that really big goal. This is a companion exercise to the measurable, monitored goal – it may indeed encourage you to adjust some goals.

I have been doing a lot of visualization exercises, dream boards, vision boards, goal boards and statements and just got back from a seminar that spoke very passionately about goal setting through dream boards. It has occurred to me that maybe the reason dream boards/books or visualization are so powerful is that they often emit a feeling within the process. When you look at that dream house, how does it make you feel? When you sit and think about your travels, do you feel the sun on your face and hear the ocean waves lapping the shore?

It has occurred to me that visualization, as I have been taught it, may be flawed. One of the issues with visualization is that we are taught to be so focused on the item; the physical car, the exact house – the details. I ask you to take visualization in a different direction. What if you were to focus not on the item you desire, but the feeling you have when you are in that house? Are you proud, are you amazed that this is yours, are you relaxed knowing your bills are paid, do you feel a sense of relief now that you are debt free? Feel the sensation of being loved – do not determine from whom you receive that love, just sit in the feeling of love.

I think I’ve really caught onto something here. If I sit with those feelings a bit and enjoy them “as if” they are my present state – and bonus, the mind doesn’t know any better. This leaves the universe the opportunity to provide me with whatever dwelling that might provide me this feeling, which may not be the one I’ve thought was “the one” for me…(Imagine, maybe there is a more knowing energy out there!) It might lead you to the perfect mate…or help you realize the feeling you seek is already in your life. If nothing else, you’ve just enjoyed a few minutes of happiness and joy.

I think many of us have made the determination of what will make us happy and have defined it so clearly that ONLY that will do it. What if we were to feel happy, I mean really experience happiness at a deep level and just live there for a few minutes each day in thoughtful meditation – would that not provide even more happiness than that fancy car? Would that not begin the process of attracting further happiness in your life (maybe even in the form of fast metal!)? What if, instead of imagining the car – you just sat in it for your few minutes, and felt the steering wheel, adjusted the radio and felt the pride and excitement of owning this fabulous piece of machinery – don’t look for the logo or brand in the vehicle, just enjoy it and feel that in your heart.

I have been contemplating this idea for quite some time, and it has all just come together as one of those, “of course!” moments. I have personally been spending my meditation time inviting the universe to flow through me. I have come to the conclusion that at various times in my life I was so stuck on my visualization or my perceived notion of what I wanted or what I needed, that I forgot to trust the universe believing that my idea was what should happen.

I ask you to experiment with this concept. What do you have to lose by sitting in at least a few minutes of bliss?