I am Enough

I began this year as I do every other year, full of hopes and goals for the upcoming months. This also being the “Year of the Dragon” by Chinese zodiac calendar, I knew I was in for changes. Boy was I right! I never expected so many changes and so much education!

My first epiphany was in the course of reading an atypical financial book which explored my relationship with money versus the typical read, the act of creating income. The realization came to me that I did not feel worthy of abundance. Let me tell you, this was not only an important and difficult realization, but something hidden so deep inside me that it turns out was sabotaging almost every aspect of my life. I went on to attend a seminar put on by the author of the book which unlocked another hidden worthiness block and became the recurring theme of my journey this year.

Realizing I was prime for growth, and had been harboring this unworthy attitude, I began to search for methods to assist me in my efforts to overcome this lack of worthiness. At the same time as I was searching for my own answers, I was developing a business concept to help others with their second stage of life and anxious to help people by using my experiences to move through their own transition. I knew that having a worthiness issue would hinder my ability to assist anyone! So off I went for further answers.

I attended a conference and was drawn to a particular break out session by an author, unknown to me, but I liked the titled of the session. Immediately thereafter I ordered her book from the library and was amazed to find myself between the pages of this woman’s book! Realizing she was local, I contacted her for lifestyle coaching as she clearly already knew me as evidenced by her book. I needed to know how to overcome this pervasive stumbling block to all my future held. I learned a ton during my weeks with her, some of which has been discussed in one way or another throughout this blog.

My discoveries through my life coaching sessions allowed me to understand I did have much to offer and that I was indeed on the right path – ThriveLife was born.

As we never stop growing or learning, I am a voracious reader and knowledge seeker. I happened upon an amazing TED Talk one day which literally moved me to both laughter and tears. Brené Brown was the speaker and her topic was vulnerability. There is so much in that one video (attached below and highly recommended viewing) I was compelled to know more – and of course ordered her book (The Gifts of Imperfection) from the library. As luck would have it, by the time I finished reading her book, it appeared her follow-up, Daring Greatly, was soon to be released and devoured that one too.

As I continue to grapple with the statement I am Enough, and own it, the year is coming to a close and the time for goal setting is once again upon us. As my themed year would have it, I came across an article speaking to this very point and offering a different spin from what I’m used to – counting up my “wins” of the year.

Generally speaking goal setting for me is about what I want to improve (does this sound to you like a field day for unworthiness?) Now that is not to say that goals and continued improvement is not good because I do feel that is indeed the foundation of continued growth – but I now think both are beneficial. We are living in the Gratitude Movement, the reminder to count good and not focus on bad. The counting of accomplishments seems to fit so well into this thought process and lays a foundation for joyful growth and not the ridding of imperfections or areas which prohibit joy, love or worthiness.

As we move to the end of the year, I encourage you to reflect with me over the accomplishments and growth that has been gained over the past twelve months. Giving yourself credit for all that you have achieved and the joy you have shared encourages more of the same by the very act of self love. I am interested to see how setting goals following reviewing accomplishments will be different this year, or if it will at all. I’ll let you know!

I welcome you to share your “wins” here. I would be honored to share the feeling of being enough and the freedom and peace that comes with that knowledge.

Please enjoy the video and feel free to comment on this as well.