Launching Point

The fall is often a time of new beginnings, and I am using it as a launching point for my newest venture. Please join me as I begin a journey that has taken both a lifetime to create and years to uncover and become what I believe is my calling.

Thrive Life is the name of my new company through which I help people discover how to live healthier, happier and more abundant lives through awareness, education and mentoring.

This is a multifaceted business through which I intend to offer the following:

• Entrepreneurial and business content is shared on Back to Business Mondays through all sites, including LinkedIn. I have compiled a host of business and financial resources and articles from renowned experts and soon I plan to have guest columns on various financial subjects.

• Nutritional Supplement products that I believe are the best on the market I share through my site together with articles and recommendations backed by science, medical personnel and client testimonials.

• Wisdom for Wednesdays is when I will share articles, quotes and book recommendations from some of the top leaders in personal development, goal setting and living your best life at this moment in time.

• Fitness articles and recommendations are compiled and shared on Thursdays through Twitter @ThriveLife and my company facebook page with the expertise of Jillian Michaels, Raphael Calzadilla, American Council on Exercise and more. is a site that can save you money on the items you buy at the stores you already shop (from Walmart to Home Depot to Nordstrom and even Groupon & NetFlix). There are 3,000 brand name stores that offer cash back to their consumers simply by shopping through my site – you can earn 2-50% of the cash you spend, not in credits, or points, but in Cash! Weekly deals will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

• Beauty and skin care is an additional offering through my site This is a value priced, top-shelf cosmetic and skin care line. As I bring on additional specialists in this field, you can expect to see advice and tips for everyday people in everyday life – not the red carpet.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, both to get to this launching point and as I move forward. Please enjoy the content, deals and products and contact me with any questions, issues or ideas. If there is any part of this business sparks your interest, or is in your field, please contact me and let’s talk about opportunities for guest posts or entrepreneurial development.

I hope to see you in my cyber world

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