Raise Your Hands and Scream!

Last weekend I was at a convention and had the opportunity to listen to a multi-millionaire (probably a billionaire!) speak about his journey building his business. He spoke about the beginning lean and hard times when no one believed in his idea except his closest family. He went on to speak about “magic moments.”

He described these moments as those times of almost complete despair when all looks lost or terribly fateful. He mentioned times when all was going very well with his business…then someone almost got away with stealing his idea , and the time when he faced scrutiny from the SEC for potential violations. These times are when you feel that all may be lost, but then it comes back, often times even better – these are the magic moments.

I have seen these magic moments take place in others lives very dramatically. I have felt these moments in my own life, but never so dramatically. It got me to question if I have just become so accustomed to the roller coaster ride that is my life, I forgot to raise my hands and embrace the ride – the highs and the lows; to experience the magic.

I have had plenty of lows, and I am certain to have many more as I am a person that is always pushing the boundaries of perceived possibility. I have historically just pushed through these times knowing at some point (and hopefully sooner than later) things would return to an upward view or at least a plateau and the slide would stop.

I am opening up to a new vision that these lows, trials and tribulations are to be felt with excitement as they are the beginning of an up! I question each moment during the low to see if there is magic in this moment or that one. Always searching the raincloud knowing that one has a silver lining helps me from being overwhelmed by the feelings of the low. I know if I keep looking it’s there and I will eventually find the one with the silver lining – the magic.

People I admire are ones that have walked through the valley of fire and persevered. The story of one’s tremendous success is often celebrated more when it is the result of overcoming obstacles. There is great learning in these valleys.

I take this time to embrace the full story of my life – not just the glory times, but the times of despair and defeat, for the magic is at the end of that period. The magic moment is the beginning of the incline from the valley to the peak. The view is so rewarding when you can look back and see the journey you’ve taken. Sometimes the beauty of the valley becomes clearer from the peak as well!

Are you ready to raise your hands and embrace the ride?


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