Sweat Equity

On my way to a meeting last night, after a regular day with regular accomplishments, the weather was warm and sunny and I was happy.  Sitting at a traffic light I saw people crossing the street from the commuter train station.  One gentleman really stood out to me as he was crossing the street, holding the hand of his lady with an absolutely jubilant glowing smile radiating from him.  I couldn’t help but give him a big smile and a thumbs-up sign which he happily returned.

This gentleman was extra sweaty and feeling extra accomplished, I could tell because he had a Boston Marathon runner’s number on.  Generally speaking, running the Boston Marathon is quite an accomplishment, however, this year at the finish line it was about 86 degrees which is not what anyone expects in Boston, Massachusetts in April!!  This was an extra ordinary accomplishment for all the runners this year.

While watching the beaming smile on this individual I got very emotional and could almost feel his pride and the success he appeared to feel.  It made me reflect on times when I have been able to experience a similar feeling.  Those times when I think to myself, “Am I crazy to think I can do this?” and begin to move forward anyway.

I wonder why I don’t look for more ways to feel that rush, that incredible, “I’m on the top of the world” feeling.  Why don’t I search out more challenges to accomplish or overcome – opportunities to exceed my own expectations of my capabilities?

Time to shed the safety of that which I know I can accomplish – I want that Rock Star, feel-like-a- million-bucks feeling from my life.  Imagine the life I will live if I constantly live beyond the false limitations I’ve set for myself!

What gives you that lift – that “I-feel-like-a-million-dollars” feeling?  If you do not have an answer to that question, I urge you to seek it out.  It is a wonderful feeling, even if only for a short while – until the next time.


Published by belizebeth

Proving impossible is simply an invitation.

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