Habit of Success

I woke up the other morning at 5:30am – which I believe is an ungodly hour – and thought to myself, “Why the heck am I getting out of bed at this time?”  The answer was pretty simple, I had made a decision about a month ago to join a morning bootcamp exercise group to jumpstart getting back into shape for the Spring.  I probably made this decision some afternoon about 3pm over afternoon coffee (certainly not thinking about the 5:30 mornings!), but the bottom line is I had made a decision and commitment to myself and the program.

There was clearly no choice to be made on this morning, I had made it last month, the decision had already been made that I would be getting out of bed heading out to the field to exercise.  I knew on my drive home later that morning I would be proud and happy I had followed through on my commitment and ultimately my goals would be reached by such dedication to the original intention of this decision.

This got me thinking on a larger scale to my life and what I had accomplished by simply following through on a decision made at a contemplative time that removed the “in the moment” decision to do, or not to do something I really needed to do in order to accomplish a goal.  I noticed that most of my successes have been simply due to this one little habit; follow-through.

Anything worthwhile I have accomplished has begun with a decision, some easier than others, but a moment always came when I had to decide how I was going to address a situation.  Once I made the decision, the follow-through was, in effect, already decided based on the decision.  I have never been one to give up without giving my all, and I was brought up to do something if I said I was going to do it; so once the decision is made it is inevitable I will complete to the goal by follow-through.

Maybe this is over simplification, but simple is sometimes the best way to go – especially at 5:30am!!  Simple has also made me pretty successful to date, and now that I have the clear instruction before me, I guess the hard part is now, what is my next decision to make?

What is your habit for success?


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