If I had a million dollars

We’ve all heard the Bare Naked Ladies song, “If I had a million dollars” and we’ve all thought to ourselves if I could just win the lottery….

So this got me to thinking as the last Powerball jackpot winner was announced, what if it was me?  I began to think, would I give up my cute little apartment that seems to suit me just right?  Would I continue to work at my current job, or would I quit? 

I was happy to understand that I would likely stay where I am at least for the time being, but I would travel more and quit my job.  This led me to a place where I began to recognize what parts of my life I really loved and what parts need to change to be in alignment with my desired life.  It was funny how this all came together so clearly with this little dream exercise because I’ve been wracking my brain lately to really uncover my true self and what I want to work towards becoming.  I am trying to strip out what I’m doing because it’s what I do, and what I believe my true calling and follow where my passions lie.

Pretty easy exercise when I put it in front of myself that way.  So, I ask you, if you were to win millions of dollars (let’s face it 1 million just wouldn’t cut it for this exercise) how would you spend your days and your money?  What parts of your current life would you keep and what would you feel you had the freedom to let go?


Published by belizebeth

Proving impossible is simply an invitation.

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